AI based mods and skill tactics for efficient skill XP farming on hypixel skyblock


All in 1 mod, which is a loader. Just download it and all your mods will load, also in mods menu there is only loader mod
In-game updates. Just /skyupdate . Your game will lag for a bit and done! You have updated your mods
Of course not bannable. Every mod was tested more than a week straight without ban

Why not bannable? Any proofs?

Because loader has changed .jar name and mod-id. Watchdog (Hypixel AntiCheat) checks mods filenames and mod-ids
and it can't view mod contents. Mod emulates keyboard pressing, so you don't need to worry that the mod
sending packets in a wrong order
Because of that, you cant pause your game, but F3 + P then ALT + TAB solves your problem


Basically skills are just cover for mods for advertisments on hypixel
But still they are the most efficient in their category