Improve your experience on SkyBlock

With not bannable AI based mods

and best skill tactics

AntiAFK for automatic rejoin to your island on server reboot/limbo kick, camera shaking for preventing captcha and also resolving fishing skill xp problem (when you don’t move - you don’t earn fishing xp)
Auto Fishing mod can handle problems (like rod caught mob, or rod bugged etc.) AntiAFK is closest friend to AutoFishing. If you don't have friends to kill sea creatures, don't worry, our mod SeaCreatures can solve this problem, even if you don't have an alt account
Baritone-like mob targeter and killer with filter for sea creatures. Can use item abilities escapes from mob if low health If it got stuck, it will try to go to opposite side and use AOTE (strictly 2nd slot)
Bot that adapts to your farm, have multiple options of farm types (Horizontal (Like sugar cane), Vertical (Nether warts, wheat, potato, carrot etc.) and horizontal with look position change for melons and pumpkins). Demo soon
This mod works based on SLT's method: Basically all these actions are automated, of course not bannable, of course dynamic item scanning and nearby chest scanner. Demo soon
Mod that shows flips on auction
And that's all in one modification

All you need is to purchase mods and download loader for that mods
and it will download all mods you have purchased

Need more?

You can go to our friends. They have alot of small macro mods and other things for automating everything